April 11, 2017 09:30 a.m

Doctors warn that it is vital to stop eating red meat to curb climate change and keep a healthy life.

According to several scientists, consuming less red meat can limit the number of consumed livestock. As a result, the number of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxin emitted from livestock can decrease remarkably.

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Some researches point out that lamb is the most dangerous gases leading to climate change when generating approximately 86 kilogram CO2/ 1 kilogram meat. Beef is the second one with the emission of 27 kilogram CO2 for each kilogram meat. Consequently, the emission of greenhouse gas from lamb is the same as that of 21 kilometer driving a car.

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Dr. Maria Neira, the director of Public Health and Environment of World Health Organization emphasizes eating less red meat is definitely an effective way to reduce greenhouse gases and stop climate change.

Currently, with an average of 100 kg of meat per capita annually, the meat consumption in America ranks on top all over the world. However, the rise of the middle class in emerging economies, led by China, are narrowing the gap on meat consumption between developed countries and developing ones, with an amazing speed.

Among meats, pork is the most commonly used in the world, of which China accounts for half of total consumption. The statistics show that meat consumption worldwide has increased from 70 million metric tons / day in 1960 to 300 million tons / day at present.

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Another equally causative factor of climate change is cheese because its ingredient is milk. As aforementioned, livestock is the major contributing factor of climate change. Additionally, the leftover makes considerable contributions to greenhouse gas. Hence, the simple measure to protect environment is buy enough food to make sure that you can consume all of it.

Besides the negative impacts on environment, especially on climate change, scientists suggest that consuming much red meat cause humans to suffer from cardiovascular, obesity and diabetes.

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One research shows that with every 100 gram of red meat to be cut down on daily meals, 1/3 risk of colon cancer can be reduced. Instead, eating vegetables each meal can not only better your health but also contribute to the prevention of climate change. Although it is tough for people who like eating meat, nothing is impossible.

Save the earth and save yourself  before too late !

                                                                                                      – Nguyen Hue-